Features The Adventures of Journalist “Danny Fisher”

Doylestown, PA, November 30, 2022 — Bucks County, PA resident and award-winning Author, John A. McCabe has released his second novel of 2022.  “Tracks Through Our Lives: The Transformation of Danny Fisher” is a collection of short stories woven into a novel whisking the reader on a journey with Danny Fisher, the award-winning journalist and creation of author John A McCabe.  

“Capturing the remarkability of the human soul and spirit and bringing them to literary life is my life’s mission,” said John recently at a publisher’s meeting. “I guess I’m a late bloomer turning out two books at age 80.  But then again, what can you expect from a guy who graduated from University of Pennsylvania at 73?!  I am so blessed and privileged to have met fascinating people that allowed me to meld their individuality into the unique characters of Danny Fisher’s adventures.”

The stories are bound together with clips of Fisher’s life, growing up in Philadelphia along with conversations overheard on elevated and subway trains. The colourful characters and events amplify Danny’s experiences in a reflective fashion, relatable to people everywhere. Each story is nuanced while delving into the experiences of everyday characters living their lives fastened to a major city, a city that could be anywhere. McCabe brings us his stories about people with amazing adventures and challenges as he and they are traveling the tracks of their own life journeys.

“Tracks Through Our Lives: The Transformation of Danny Fisher” is published by Assiduous Way LLC and is now available worldwide as a paperback from nearly all independent bookstores and online booksellers.  Hardback and eBook format are also available: visit AssiduousWay.com for details. “The Girl In Japan – A Young Soldier’s Story” published earlier in 2022, remains available.  Two more books are planned for release in 2023.

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