Assiduous Way Uses Distributors

Assiduous Way LLC actively uses existing distributor networks and their processes to meet supply chain and consumer needs. Please enquire of your regular suppliers to determine if they can satisfy your needs.

On occasion, an Author will provide “Author Editions” or other special books for an event at which they are speaking or signing. These may, under certain circumstances, be supplied to the event by the Publisher with advanced special arrangements and for mutually agreeable terms.

Educational institutions may need fixed number of copies of a particular book on a repetitive basis, or for special event(s). These can typically be handled through the Institution’s regular book supply chain.

Having an event? Want Copies of our Books. Contact your local Independent Bookstore!

We support “Indies” and hope that you will too. Local bookstores can help you obtains copies of our books for your events. If the store is an AWsomeINDIE™ Partner, they might be able to provide special services or pricing to make your event even better.

A Note/Invitation To Book Sellers

If you are interested in holding an Author Event, we offer a special program that can include a one-hour interview and a brief question and answer period along with a signed edition of the book for each of your attendees. Details depend upon dates, Author, work and facilities but are typically flexible and can accommodate most situations. Let us know your requirements.

Sales Enquiry

Should you need assistance or guidance, please feel free to contact us. Complete all information on the form below and submit it… we’ll respond as quickly as we are able.

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