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We love Indie Book Sellers and are committed to their success. We do not undercut suggested retail prices for our direct to market retail sales. We offer strategic pricing, consistent with industry norms, to our Independent Book Seller network. Most importantly, we listen to YOUR feedback as an independent store and work to maximise YOUR opportunity with our products. Join us and explore how you can carry our line-up.

Distributors are currently restricted to Paperback editions. However, Hardcovers are available direct from the publisher. The Publisher can also accommodate Indie direct Paperback orders. Direct Hardcover and Paperback are shipped to your location and usually received within 3 weeks of payment receipt. We Print On Demand (POD) and ship directly to you. Your cost of inventory is deeply discounted but varies by publication based on our cost of production. You pay shipping charges. Depending upon volume commitments and order quantities, an Indie can potentially generate the highest gross margins at levels rarely seen in the industry.

Available in Hardcover and Paperback
Print Editions

Assiduous Way Uses Distributors

Assiduous Way LLC (“AW”) is a boutique Consultancy, Agency, Management and Publishing firm. We actively use existing distributor networks and their processes to meet supply chain and consumer needs. Please enquire of your regular suppliers to determine if they can satisfy your needs. Our high-quality books are 6″x9″ trim size for both Hardcover and Paperback. Covers are full colour (as shown) and internal pages are black ink on white paper. Physical layout is designed to ease reader fatigue and allow for a comfortable reader experience. These are the Assiduous Way productions standards, and they are consistently monitored. Any exceptions to our standards are noted accordingly.

Available in Hardcover and Paperback
Print Editions

Author Signed Copies and Appearances for Indies/Fine Book Sellers

On occasion, an Author will provide Author Signed Editions or other special books for an event at which they are speaking. These may, under certain circumstances, be supplied to the event by the Publisher with advanced special arrangements and for mutually agreeable terms. Minimum commitments are required.

If you are interested in holding an Author Event, we offer a special programme that can include a one-hour interview and a brief question and answer period along with a signed edition of the book for each of your attendees. Details depend upon dates, Author availability, budget and facilities but are typically flexible and we can accommodate most situations. Let us know your vision, your requirements and your objectives. We’ll share ours with you as well… and then work to make it happen.

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