1976 Champion Harrowgate String Band
1976 Champion Harrowgate String Band

Whilst Assiduous Way (“AW”) was founded in the United States of America during 2020 at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our roots go back to 1974 when Don George and John McCabe first met. They were amateur musicians, drawn together by the allure of the Philadelphia (PA) New Year’s Day Parade and the Mummers who made it so unique. John and Don were part of an award-winning, Bi-Centennial Champion String Band, a competitive musical unit, that revolutionised the performances on “Broad Street.”

Their serendipitous meeting led to hundreds of musical performances, and a bond that has lasted a lifetime. John was an attendant in Don’s wedding in 1979. To understand John, you have to know that at the formal sit-down feast at the wedding, he temporarily disappeared from the affair, only to return with an ice cream sundae from a Mr. Softee truck to be shared by the Bride and her Groom.

Why? Not only because he could, but his wife, “The Girl from G Street” said to him that she was concerned that the Bride and Groom were not “eating.” You see, John and his wife are consummate caretakers… and always have been.

John was writing stories, even in those early years. He gave Don his original “Cheese Sandwiches” short story as a gift. And John pursued his career and profession as an engineer, patent holder and salesman for the next 40 plus years while completing his university degree and honing his writing skills.

Life happens and gets in the way. They drifted apart.

Don aggressively excelled in international business, information technology, and behavioural sciences applied to marketing and organisational development. But in the 1990s, he began writing “snippets” of life stories. Some documented real, albeit negative business experiences in which the insanity of mismanagement prevailed and customer-be-damned attitudes were rewarded. Others were best described as fictional stories loosely based on real locations, events and characters.

BAM! The summer of 2019 arrives and John and Don reunite. John is about to release his first collection of short stories, published by the Pearl S Buck Writing Center Press, and Don is beginning to work on his writing hobby. In 2020, the duo decide to start their own Consulting Company that takes the frustration out of getting to market for authors, artists, and others.

What We Do

We make aspiring authors, artists and speakers successful. How do we know? We are doing it for ourselves.

Join us on our adventure. Take the path to success, the Assiduous Way.