November 1, 2023

This information applies to
Independent Bookstores and Fine Book Sellers only.

Let us help you grow as we learn, grow and adjust our independent business model. We are committed to the success of your independent bookstore and want to make certain our models hit the mark. Imagine: You invest only $96 and generate about $200 in sales. We’re told, that’s really good. And our programmes can make it even better!

Available in Hardcover and Paperback
Print Editions

For a limited time, now through October 31, 2023 we are testing new aspects of our business model that can yield higher profits to your store. Our Direct from the Publisher Author’s Distribution Model is nearly ready and we want your help to refine the process. For the first 50 Indies that sign-up, participate, and commit to our mutual success, we’ll pay the shipping charges for everything they acquire directly from Assiduous Way through the end of February 2024! This offer applies to both Paperbacks and Hardcovers. A minimum 10-unit commitment is required for each title and format that you order. Higher quantities result in even better yields.

Try it NOW with The Girl In Japan.

In addition, participating stores will automatically become an AWsomeINDIE™ Partner (with Inaugural Member designation) which will provide exclusive future benefits including access to unique programmes, terms, and Author access. AWsomeINDIE Partners can receive preferred referrals for local, bulk sales to third party businesses.

At AW, we believe in establishing long-term partnerships with our suppliers and our customers. All of our direct retail sales are at the full retail price of each book. We do not discount to the retail market. Without successful Indies, we cannot succeed. Join us on the path. Join the Assiduous Way.

Interested in Higher Margins, Partnering, and Mutual Success?

Fill out the form below. Verifiable Indies will receive a response within one business day. Time is of the essence. Even if you are not amongst the first 50 Indies to sign-up, you can still achieve terrific margins and become an AWsomeINDIE Partner. All Partners in good standing will be listed in our consumer section on our website with a link to their website.

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