Assiduous Way Approved by Library of Congress

Publisher Authorized for Pre-Pub Control Number Program

Doylestown, PA, March 31, 2022 –(– Assiduous Way LLC (“AW”) has been approved by the Library Congress today to participate in the Pre-assigned Control Number (PCN) Program as a publisher. This approval marks yet another milestone in the establishment of the Company as a full service consultancy, agent, representative, marketing and publishing house.

Library of Congress Publisher Programs

“When we launched AW in August of 2020, our vision was clear: we want to provide crisp, efficient and effective services at the lowest possible cost in bringing our books to market,” said Managing Founder, Don George in a recent meeting. “Why is it so important? Simply, we need it for ourselves and our own work. Cost containment, agility and speed are critical to our success and ultimately, to that of our clients and customers.”

Assiduous Way’s path to success eliminates unnecessary delays, roadblocks and low value activities that interfere with getting products to market. This Library of Congress milestone helps to ensure that all qualified works are readily identified in appropriate facilities by generating the Library Catalogue Control Number well in advance of actual publication date. Furthermore, compliance with the LOC’s requirements are embedded in AW’s processes.

AW already has capacity to provision ISBNs, and now the LCCNs so that at first print, all of the components are present on the Copyright Page of the works. “Our processes have allowed us to already acquire and provision these critical components for publications scheduled for release in June and November.”

AW’s workflows take the guesswork out of the process, reduce likelyhood of error, and streamline time to market. Aspiring authors and authors can take the Assiduous Way path to success.

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